Bilingual English French

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Bilingual English French

Living in Canada has awesome advantages. We actually have two official languages, Bilingual English French, and your site should be pleasing to both. Losing customers just because of a simple language barrier is not very useful to any business. With the Globalization phenomenon, since the creation of communication technologies, we are all in the same Global Market. If you leave out certain customers that are actually living close to you, what will it be for customers oversea? You need as many languages as possible, as long as you wallet allows it. Also, If you live in the United States, we can also create Websites in Spanish.

Not Twice the Work, Not Twice the Price

Not because you create a site with two languages that you end up paying twice the amount. The creation of a Website has it’s own tweaks that you do not need to repeat to create other languages options. Even if you decide much later to create Pages for another language you will not pay for an entire site. And that’s the real beauty of Websites created with WordPress or any other Frameworks out there.

Other Languages

For services in any other languages, we use an outside Translator and not any Google or any computer translation system. They are just horrible. Everything is Always Translated by a real human with real knowledge of the concerned language. For any languages other then English, French or Spanish. There will be a higher Price to pay. But still, Not Twice the Work, Not Twice the Price.

Please feel free to Contact Us about any languages you would need on your Website. We can create a Quote for your Languages Needs. No matter what your needs, We can Help you accomplish anything your heart desires. Just take a few minutes to see what we are all about.




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